Distribution of selected audiophile products in the UK and selected EU territories.

Experience Glorious Isolation

Audiophile Fibre Network Connectivity kits; for when
copper just isn’t good enough.

• A suite of audiophile-grade kits to simplify the isolation
of high-end audio systems using fibre optic components
carefully optimised for hi-fi use.

• Plug and play with no computer configuration required.

• System operation is completely unchanged.

• Suitable for use with all network-connected
audio systems whether NAS–or streaming-based.

Why upgrade?

Analogue audio is delicate. Digital audio is just as delicate, plus digital data needs to be treated with the utmost respect to achieve the results that today’s high-resolution digital music files promise.

The reason is simple.

Behind the 0’s and 1’s, hi-fi electrical signals are still analogue, and just as susceptible to the influence from noise and interference. This additional noise damages the integrity of the pulse edges. This uncertain transition point, of a noisy pulse edge, results in timing errors and jitter.


The solution is simple too.

By breaking the conducted signal, we remove the interference and isolate the hi-fi system. This is done with fibre optics––now the data can be communicated to the digital components, but without any risk of introducing any conducted interference and noise. 


The ADOT MC01 is available in these
simple power supply kit options

The MC01 kit

Supplied as a complete kit with a universal voltage power adapter in EU or UK fitting.

The MC02 kit

Supplied with a linear plug-top power supply that ensures no additional noise is generated. UK or EU mains plug versions 230V AC.

The MC03 kit

The ultimate solution, supplied with a custom build Plixir low noise linear power supply with 3 stage noise reduction. UK 230V AC only.

MC Accessory

A kit to allow MC series kits to be used with network switches that do not have SFP ports. Includes single MC01 Media Converter, power adapter lead to use existing power supply of MC01/02/02 kit, and 1m Melco CAT7 Ethernet Cable.


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