Distribution of selected audiophile products in the UK and selected EU territories.

Distribution of selected audiophile products in the UK and selected EU territories.

Audiophile Digital Music Masters is a UK based specialist organisation handling Distribution, Support and Marketing of Melco and complimentary products in the UK and other EU markets. With direct connections to the team at Melco Syncrets ADMM is the go-to resource for everything relating to Melco and the
finest digital music reproduction.


The world's first audiophile grade source component to access, store, deliver and play HiRes Digital Music without the compromise of computer hardware and peripherals, was debuted by Melco Nov, 2014. Since then our uncompromised audio NAS components have been the talk of the awards. Regularly used by leading audio manufacturers to showcase their devices, they are the de-facto HiRes audio storage and player solution Learn more...


Audiophile Digital Optical Technology (ADOT) is a British Company that designs and builds precision optical fibre connection systems for the isolation of
high-end audio systems using fibre optic components which are carefully optimised for hi-fi use. Learn more...


DC Power Blanced Power Supplies & AC Mains Power Conditioners.
True balanced power can only be attained if every component along the chain is purpose built for such transmission. Mating Plixir’s Signature Balanced Power Cable with Plixir’s Balanced AC conditioners and Balanced DC linear power supplies, we now have a total system and solution for balanced power transmission – the world’s first fully Balanced Power Delivery System. Learn more...


Audiophile Digital Music Masters Ltd,
Sandy Farm Business Centre,
Sands Road, Farnham,
Surrey, GU10 1PX 

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